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InnerStarGirl - Fundraiser Event Benefiting Teen Line

This is a fundraiser. The ride is $25 per bike and there are 30 bikes available.


If you can’t attend you can still support this great cause!


About Teen Line:

Teen Line provides a safe, anonymous place for teens to talk about their struggles with a peer who can empathize and listen without judgement. A significant number of their contacts focus on life-threatening mental health concerns, for which Teen Line might be their only resource. Teen “listeners” receive highly specialized training to respond to contacts wanting to talk about relationship problems, substance abuse, sexual abuse, suicidal ideation, bullying and other issues that face our youth every day. The hotline receives 17,500 calls, texts and emails each year. Over 10% of their calls are from suicidal youth. Teen Line also does outreach into schools and youth organizations to foster an open dialogue about teen issues. Since 1996 they have provided Teen Suicide Prevention training to the Los Angeles Police Department.

About InnerStarGirl:

InnerStarGirl was created to re-invent the tween and teen girl to teach the practices of living as healthy, confident and authentic young leaders. They inspire courage, awareness and connecting with their emotions to build strong, healthy relationships.